TERMS, CONDITIONS, PRIVACY & Guidelines/Requirements for COVID secure in Person Lessons

These terms and conditions cover Rob Cates Ltd and all subsidiaries (Naked Voice and Rob Cates Voice). By submitting your details you agree to the following terms and conditions.

In short:

By submitting your details you agree not to steal the content of any website, course, course material and pass it off as your own. You also agree to be nice to everyone else in the community.

You also agree to us lawfully processing your data in accordance with the privacy policy below. We will never share your data with another organisation.

By participating in online group classes you consent to our Image Release policy below.

Subscriptions - Cancelations may only be made in accordance with the terms of the programme you have taken out. There is no refund for payments already made either for monthly or annual subscriptions/memberships. Annual subscriptions are non-refundable.

Fixed-length courses and pre-recorded courses/classes - these are non-refundable.

One-to-one coaching - see below.

All legal matters are governed by UK law and you agree to be bound by UK law.


Guidance and Requirements for Clients Attending in Person Lessons

COVID Updated: 22nd March 2022

In person lessons have fully resumed within the following guidelines in accordance with the Government’s requirements and the HSE’s risk assessment. A copy of my full HSE risk assessment is available upon request. 

Attendance at in person lessons is dependent upon your prior agreement and compliance with the following. Acceptance of an in person lesson is acceptance of these terms.

General: please follow all relevant Government guidance as found on the Government website.

  1. You must not attend if you or anyone you live with or have been in contact with in the previous 10 days have any COVID-19 symptoms. Your lesson can be converted to an online appointment. The standard cancelation policy remains in place as per https://www.naked-voice.com/t-cs

  2. Avoid travel to lessons by public transport wherever possible. If travel by public transport is unavoidable wear a face mask and follow all Government guidance.

  3. Wear a mask on entering and exiting the building and avoid touching surfaces as far as is safely possible.

  4. Wherever possible please use the toilet before arriving for your lesson to limit the need to use the bathroom.

  5. Use the provided hand sanitiser on arrival.

  6. Observe social distancing at all times.

  7. Avoid touching surfaces where possible.

  8. Provide your own bottle of water and straw for SOVT exercises and drinking.

Please note, that while all reasonable mitigating and sanitising procedures will have been taken in accordance with the risk assessment it is your responsibility to assess the risks to yourself, your household, any vulnerable persons you may be in contact with etc., of you attending lessons in person for yourself as well. 

We reserve the right to refuse access without any recourse to refund to anyone not complying with the above guidelines and requirements or anyone displaying any signs of respiratory illness of any kind.

If you have any questions about this at all please don’t hesitate to get in touch.



All one-to-one (in person and online) coaching session prices based on Finchley location. On site coaching for recording & artist development available on request.  

Other locations may incur room booking fees.   

All lessons/sessions times and fees are subject to availability and change.   

Payment & Fees

All payments are to be made in £GBP. All payments are to be made online using the link in your invoice or through the online booking portal. Payments must be made at the time of booking in order to secure the time slot and no later than three working days before the date of the lesson. Non payment will result in the slot being offered to someone else. Invoices paid after the lesson will incur a 10% late payment fee. Cash and bank transfers will not be accepted for one-to-one lessons. Fees are subject to change without notice.  

Online course fees and membership prices are subject to change without notice or refund.

Cancelation, Rescheduling & Time Keeping Policy   


  1. Single lessons/sessions cancelled/rebooked more than 7 working days in advance incur no fee   

  2. Single lessons/sessions cancelled/rebooked less than 7 working days but more than three working days* in advance of the day of the lesson will be subject to a fee of 50% of the lesson fee.  

  3. Single lessons/sessions cancelled/rebooked three working days* or less before the day of the lesson will forfeit any refund or rebooking.   

  4. Block bookings/courses are non-refundable, but individual sessions within the block may be rescheduled as above in accordance with points 1-3 above, and subject to our availability. 

  5. There are no discounts. However, special offers may be made from time to time.

  6. Any gift certificates or coupons must be redeemed within the time stated and if no time is stated these must be redeemed within 12 months of purchase. After this time you agree that the gift certificate or couple is forfeit.

  7. Any room booking fees incurred as a result of cancelled/postponed/re-booked lessons must be paid for in full by the client.  

  8. If we have to reschedule the date of a booking there will be no fee. Under the rare occurrence that we have to cancel a booking entirely the fee will be refundable to the client.  

  9. Clients must arrive on time for their scheduled session including online. All sessions will run to time. If the client is late this time cannot be made up and will be considered forfeit by the client. It is important that the client leave themselves ample travel time as session times cannot be made up due to travel delays of any kind.  

Please note that teaching will end no less than 5 minutes before the end of the lesson in order to give you time gather your belongings and book in your next session before the next client arrives. If you have any questions please make sure that you ask these before the last 5 minutes of the lesson.  

*working days are considered here to be weekdays Monday-Friday. 


Rob Cates Ltd. hold's public liability insurance through the Incorporated Society of Musicians. Please note that Rob Cates Ltd. cannot accept responsibility for any loss, damage or injury to you or your possessions while you are in attendance at a session or course. Sessions in Finchley are accessed by flights of stairs and there is no lift. Please take this in to consideration. Please also take care on all steps and stairs and use the time-switch lights where appropriate.  

There is a Controlled Parking Zone in place outside the studio in Finchley between 2-3pm weekdays. It is your responsibility to observe signs and park where appropriate. Rob cannot be held liable for parking fines.   


We reserves the right to refuse entry to any session for any under 18 who arrives without an accompanying adult. In these circumstances all fees are fully payable and no refund will be given. Rob Cates has a current enhanced DBS certificate.  

ISM Contracts: from time to time we may require clients to sign the ISM's agreement for private tuition.  

Recording: Please ask permission if you wish to record your session. These are strictly for your own use and must not be shared with anyone else, stored or posted online to any social media site whatsoever.  From time to time, online lessons may be recorded by Rob Cates Ltd. and shared with you but this is not guaranteed or part of his contract with you. The file will be sent to you using a file transfer service such as WeTransfer or FromSmash, DropBox or Google Drive. You will have seven days from the time you are notified to download your files. After seven days the files will automatically be deleted. We cannot accept responsibility for files deleted after seven days that clients have not downloaded. Nor do we accept responsibility for any missing recordings for any reason. We may record lessons for our own professional development to review practice. This will be for our use only or to review with one of our mentors/voice professionals, and will not be distributed or shared with others without client's expressed consent. Recordings will be kept for a limited time period only. If you do not wish Rob Cates Ltd to record your lessons please advise us, otherwise acceptance of these conditions is acceptance of recordings for these purposes. 

Personal Responsibility and Health Disclaimer  

While you will be guided to practice the best of vocal health, ultimate responsibility for your vocal health is yours. If you are unsure of your vocal health you should seek the advice of a laryngologist. Rob Cates Ltd. cannot be held liable or responsible for any vocal injury sustained by yourself. 

If you are unwell with any kind of respiratory illness, we reserve the right to refuse you entry without refund. If you are unwell you may have your lesson online. You may be advised you not to attend your lesson in order to protect your vocal health. The above cancellation policy will still apply. 

We will operate lessons in accordance with the latest government COVID-19 guidelines as set out by the ISM.


By submitting your details through this website you hereby agree that you are choosing to apply to engage in a process of professional voice development and/or coaching. Acceptance as an ongoing client or member of Naked Voice and customer of Rob Cates Ltd. may be subject to an initial consultation lesson in order to ascertain if this is the right process for you. All clients are expected to implement the practice regime as set out in lessons and recorded in the client's online notes. Voice training is only as successful as the skill and knowledge of the coach/teacher, and the commitment, consistency, quality and quantity of practice by the client. It is important that clients understand that vocal training is a process of muscle and brain training as well as musical training and therefore in most cases takes time to see the changes desired through conscious, deliberate, diligent and regular practice. However, for most clients there are frequent and wonderful "Eureka!" moments! Most clients find the process very rewarding as it builds both skill, confidence and professionalism.  

You also agree to abide by the community guidelines as set out the community area. Should you fail to do so a warning will be issued. Should you fail to adhere to the guidelines again you may have your community access revoked without notice or refund. Should an offence be deemed serious enough community access may be revoked immediately without warning.

Image Release

By participating in online group classes you consent to Rob Cates Ltd. (“Rob Cates”) using photographs and/or video recordings of you taken by Rob Cates Ltd or by persons or organisations authorised on behalf of Rob Cates Ltd for the purposes of creating educational, promotional or creative materials. These images could be used in any media (existing or later created or made available) including  but not limited to print and digital media formats such as print publications, prospectuses, brochures, websites, e-marketing, posters, banners, advertising, film, social media, e-courses, teaching and research purposes.

You understand that images on websites can be viewed throughout the world and not just in the United Kingdom and that some overseas countries may not provide the same level of protection to the rights of individuals as EU/UK legislation provides.  

You understand that some images or recordings may be kept permanently once they are published and may be archived. 

You agree that:

  • You will not be paid a fee in respect of any use made of the photograph(s) and/or video recording(s) but have the opportunity of being involved in as outlined above;

  • Copyright in the image(s) and/or video recordings will be retained by the Rob Cates Ltd; and

  • Rob Cates Ltd shall have the right to edit, modify, crop, add to or subtract from the photographs and/or video recordings at his entire discretion and without your approval.

  • You irrevocably and unconditionally waive all rights relating to the contribution to which I may now or may in the future be entitled and any other moral rights to which I may be entitled under any legislation now existing or in future enacted in any part of the world.

  • Rob Cates Ltd shall not be liable to me or to my legal representatives for any loss or damage or injury to my person or property caused or suffered during or in connection with this Contribution unless caused by the negligence of Rob Cates Ltd and recoverable on that ground.

  • The Courts of England shall have sole jurisdiction in relation to this Agreement, which shall be interpreted according to English Law.

  • Give consent for Rob Cates Ltd to use images from any and all of the sessions that I participate in.

Privacy and Data Protection - short version  

Your privacy is important. Details submitted on this website will only be used for the purposes of keeping you up to date with information relating to Rob Cates Ltd (including Rob Cates Voice, Naked Voice) which may include one-to-one coaching, group classes, and online courses. We may need to contact you by phone, email, SMS, WhatsApp with regards to your booking or with updated information, news letters or other such communications. By submitting your details on this website you are consenting to your data being used for the purposes outlined herein. Your details will never be shared with other organisations. You can unsubscribe at any time either by clicking the unsubscribe button in emails or reply indicating your desire to be removed from the mailing list.  

Data Protection Policy 2018 - full version  

This Data Protection policy will lay out the procedures undertaken by Rob Cates Ltd to ensure that Rob Cates Ltd is compliant with relevant data protection legislation. It has been written in accordance with the information provided by the Information Commissioner’s office prior to the release of the GDPR.  

1. Establishing a lawful basis for handling data  

In accordance with Article 5 (2), This policy will document the ‘lawful basis’ by Rob Cates Ltd to handle data. This ‘lawful basis’ is set out in Article 6 of GDPR. The lawful basis may be as follows:  

(1) Where express consent has been given.  

Rob Cates Ltd utilises a mailing list in order to communicate information for lessons, courses, workshops etc. Express consent must be provided in order to be added.  

(2) Where data is required to enable contractual obligations to be fulfilled.  

Rob Cates Ltd. will require personal data in order to enter into a contract such as the purchase of a course, sending invoices, receiving payments.  

(3) Legitimate Interests  

Data may be collected for legitimate interests such as marketing purposes. This may include the marketing of events, courses, workshops and the like.  

(4) Legal Obligations  

Where Rob Cates Ltd. is working in conjunction or as a guest lecturer with a university or other course provider, they will become a data processor. Information will be collected to enable legal obligations to be fulfilled  

2. Data processing must be necessary  

This policy will ensure that data processing only occurs where necessary and will only be used for achieving a specific purpose. The legal basis of the data collection is determined by the specific purpose and data collection will only occur in a ‘targeted and proportionate’ manner to achieve the purpose of data collection.  

3. Procedures for ensuring valid consent  

Rob Cates Ltd. stores relevant email addresses to enable mailing list communication relating to lessons, news, events, courses and so on. Procedures have been adopted to ensure valid consent has been granted. This includes a direct request to be included onto the mailing list using unambiguous and clear language at the point of sign up there is a GDPR compliant message which requires a tick box to opt in. Any email request requires a positive email response to ‘opt in’. All further email footers clearly document the right to withdraw consent at any time and contain an ‘unsubscribe’ notice.  

4. Consent Reviews  

Consent Reviews will take place every twelve months whereby people will be asked if they wish to withdraw from the mailing list.  

5. Gathering data for contractual purposes  

In accordance with S6 s(1) b attending a course, workshop or lesson will require the collection of data to enable contractual obligations to be fulfilled. This is a necessary procedure and only minimal data will be collected to enable this to take place appropriately. Such data will include:  

Email addresses   

Home/business address  

Telephone number  

The above specified information enables appropriate invoicing to take place. Data will be stored for accountancy purposes only GDPR compliant software. At no point, will data be passed on to any other organisation.  

6. Legal Obligations and the collection of data  

In accordance with S6 (1) (C) Rob Cates Ltd will collect relevant data when acting in conjunction with a course provider/collaborator. This will be in adherence to relevant legislative codes of conduct.  

This section also applies to the collection of data from prospective employees and contractors to enable HMRC obligations to be fulfilled appropriately.  

7. Safeguarding Privacy  

Rob Cates Ltd will ensure privacy by engaging fully with the right to be informed. Privacy notices will include the following:  

The purpose of processing the data  

How long the data will be held for  

Who it will be shared with  

This privacy information will be served at the time of data collection in the following foreseeable situations  

Purchasing a course, lesson or event via a website  

Applying for or booking a course, lesson or event via email, telephone, text message, WhatsApp, or social media  

Privacy notices will be tailored for to suit the purposes of collection but will include in accordance with the guidelines provided by the Information Commissioner’s Office  

The contact details of Rob Cates Ltd 

The name and contact details of the relevant representative  

The purpose of the processing  

The lawful basis of the processing  

The legitimate interests for the processing  

The categories of personal data obtained  

The retention period of the personal data  

Details of the contractual obligations  

Details of transfers of the personal data to any third countries or international organisations  

The right to withdraw consent  

The right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority  

This content will be contained in ‘GDPR Compliant Data Protection Policy’ on www.robcatesvoice.com / www.naked-voice.com  and will be included in a link/attachment in emails and on invoices, prior to online website purchases or telephone/email purchases.  

8. Ensuring right of access to personal data  

Rob Cates Ltd will allow a right of access to both personal data and supplementary information free of charge. Any requests for information will be provided within one month of receiving the request.   

Where requests are complex and numerous the provision of data will be provided within a two-month period.  

Where requests are excessive and/or repetitive an administration fee of £50 will be charged to cover the administrative costs involved.  

Responses will be provided in an electronic format  

9. Ensuring right to rectification  

Rob Cates Ltd recognises that an individual has the right to have inaccurate personal data rectified or completed if incomplete.   

Requests for rectification should be made in writing 

Rob Cates Ltd will ensure that rectification will occur within one month of the request being made  

10. Ensuring right to erasure  

Rob Cates Ltd recognises the rights of individuals to have their personal data erased.   

A request for erasure may be made either verbally or in writing  

Rob Cates Ltd will respond to the request within one month of it being erased, this time will be extended to two months where the request is complex  

Where data is being processed by Rob Cates Ltd and a request for erasure is made, the processing of the data will cease  

11. Rights related to automated decision making including profiling  

Online purchasing is a form of automated decision making as acceptance onto a course occurs at the point of the online purchase. Data will be gathered as a result of this process to enable the fulfilment of the contractual obligation. The extent of information collected will be communicated in an appropriate privacy statement.  

Rob Cates Ltd does not engage in automated profiling marketing systems. Automated decision-making systems are only used to enable a sale of a course or event.

12. Ensuring accountability and governance  

In accordance with Article 5 (2) Rob Cates Ltd ensures accountability and governance through the following procedures:  

Regular internal audits  

Appropriate staff training  

Maintenance of relevant processing documentation  

Appointment of a Data Protection Officer: Mr Robert Cates  

13. Data Protection Impact Assessments  

A data protection impact assessment will be carried out where processing is likely to result in a high risk to individual’s interests. This is likely to be where special category information is collected.  

14. Security  

Rob Cates Ltd ensures that all data will be processed and stored securely to meet with GDPR requirements. In this case in Google G Suite, Kajabi, MyMusicStaff, Calandly, Acuity, Xero, Squarespace, QuickBooks, Zapier, MailChimp, Stripe, Monzo, etc. in accordance with their GDPR approved systems.

15. Personal data breaches  

Rob Cates Ltd will report any personal data breaches that risk rights and freedoms of a data subject to the relevant parties involved. All breaches of data will be recorded.