About Rob

Rob is prophet and Senior Pastor of MyChurch, Windsor. He is a prophet who sings & leads worship.

A member of the European Prophetic Council, Rob regularly contributes to national & international prophetic gatherings & round tables.

Although London-Windsor-based, Rob is a prophet with a call to nations. He has a passion for the Presence of Jesus, the Kingdom of God, arts, business and government.

Rob was ordained as a prophet by Bishop Bill Hamon and Senior Pastor of MyChurch by Dr. Sharon Stone.

In 1 Chronicles 25 King David appointed 288 singers & musicians to prophesy before the Ark of the Covenant. Later the prophet Amos declared that in the last days before the return of Christ the Tabernacle of David would be restored (Amos 9:11). Rob's passion is to play his part in seeing the restoration of sung prophecy in the earth and the restoration of the Tabernacle of David. 

Professionally, Rob is a certified Vocal Habilitation Professional and one of only a handful of elite vocal professionals accredited by Vocology in Practice in the UK. His credentials are extensive and focused around facilitating voice in the most efficient and artistically expressive way possible. 1 Chronicles 25 says the musicians King David selected were "trained" and "skilful". Should we be anything less?

Technique liberates the singer to express without limits.


Lucy Grimble - recording artist

"Rob helped me so much in developing my range, my vocal strength and my confidence. I use what I've learnt from him all the time and it really works! He's not just passionate about the voice but he's also incredibly knowledgeable and he was able to really pinpoint areas that I needed to work on. Can't recommend Rob enough!"

Niiella - finalist Sunday Best 2020

"Rob has transformed my life with his wealth of vocal knowledge! I thought I wouldn’t gain my range back but he showed me how to look after my voice and nurture it back to good health. I would 100% recommend him to anyone who needs a coach!"

Gail Windrass - The Big Music Company

“Rob is an outstanding vocal coach. Informed, diligent, and a great teacher. I would 100% recommend his service to anyone who is serious about improving their voice and upping their game as a singer.”

Virginia Sirolli - Mountview Academy, BA Musical Theatre

“Best teacher ever! He's amazing. Not only for his excellent knowledge of the singing voice but also for his kindness and humanity. The progress I have made is unimaginable. Forever grateful!!"

Jamie Cooke - Actor

“As an aspiring singer and actor my vocal coaching with Rob has been the best thing for my voice and my confidence. His capability to listen to where my voice needed work and look after it properly is amazing and so important! His knowledge is undeniable and his training techniques are top notch and I thoroughly enjoy my lessons with him.”

Donna Akodu - Worship Leader

“Rob is a brilliant vocal coach. What he doesn't know about the voice isn't worth knowing. He makes you feel at ease helps you to discover the sound that is within you. I went to him for a vocal tune up and really pleased with the results. I highly recommend him.”



Rob holds degrees in music from City University and the Guildhall School of Music and Drama (BMus Hons, piano), University of York (MA) and Institute of Education (PGCE). In 2010 he was made a Fellow of the College of Teachers and awarded Chartered London Teacher Status. In 2017 he achieved Estill Voice International’s Certificate in Figure Proficiency and a distinction for VoiceWorkshop UK’s Certificate in Advanced Anatomy for Voice Professionals. He specialises in coaching singers of contemporary commercial music genres, musical theatre and contemporary Christian music. In 2021, Rob qualified as a certified Vocal Health First Aider and subsequently  qualified as a Vocal Habilitation Professional with distinction!